Panda Green Loose Leaf Tea

Panda Green Loose Leaf Tea


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 A delicate roasted chestnut scent precedes a light floral taste completed with a touch of sweetness.
Hunan China
100% Green Tea. Imported from China 
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Green Tea -  “The National drinks”

Green tea is the quintessential Chinese tea, and its history as a way we humans have enjoyed the leaves of the tea plant can be traced back to Lu Yu’s “Classic of Tea”, written around 760 AD. Its status today as the dominant form of tea is reflected in the fact that six of the Ten Great Teas of China are green teas. Loved by connoisseurs for their savoury, umami, and chestnut flavours, different green teas have been given poetic and evocative names over the years, such as “The Clouds and Fog of Lu Mountain”, and “The Wall Snails of Spring”.

Green Tea is first discovered and used by our ancestors. It has a history that stretches back thousands of years. This variety of tea is unoxidized and most closely resembles the originally plucked leaf. You can find different shapes of Green Tea: flat, needle-lie, curled, like a snail, rolled into balls, or in fine twists.Typically, Green Tea has a fresh and light aroma, and it is admired for its fleeting nature – it has a short shelf life. When compared to other types of tea, Green Tea has significantly more health benefits.