Green Tea

green tea

A little extra- The Classic of Tea / Lu Yu’s 1200+ years old work on tea is a testament to the long and intertwining history of tea in China. Replete with information, Lu Yu describes production methods, good terroirs, as well as ceremonies, brewing rituals, and right down to the best types of water for tea. But in addition to that, the work is suffused with a philosophy of tea that can be found throughout oriental tea culture right down to the present day – making and drinking tea is more than just a simple matter of preparing a beverage; contained in it is contemplation, meditation, and examination of the universal through experience of the particular.

Green tea is the quintessential Chinese tea, and this is reflected in the fact that six of the Ten Great Teas of China are green teas. Loved by connoisseurs for their savoury, umami, and chesnut flavours, green teas are also widely studied for their health benefits.

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