About us


“Capacitea” was founded by young tea enthusiasts in London whom are passionate about premium quality loose leaf teas and classically inspired modern tea wares. Influenced by China’s rich tea heritage, the founders aim to enlighten that quality tea is not only a beverage, it is an experience in itself. Terroir determination, traditional production and brewing methods from part of the Chinese tea heritage you can experience with Capacitea.
At Capacitea, our teas are sourced from natures’ finest materials, using only whole leaves and traditional methods of preparation to create the premium quality tea. Explore our wide selection of green, black, yellow, white, red, dark and flower teas on our website.
Alongside our teas, we also teach how to bring out the best flavour in the tea with instructions and guidance on quantity and brewing times. Our modern tea wares were designed to enhance the full natural characteristics of our teas to ensure that no additional flavours are required to enjoy the full experience. The classically inspired designs and functionality were merged to bring you harmonious form and functionality.