Hot & Cold Brew Matcha Green Tea Powder 80g Air Tight Sealed Tin

Hot & Cold Brew Matcha Green Tea Powder 80g Air Tight Sealed Tin


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Matcha powder is a throwback to the Tang dynasty of China when powdered tea was the norm. It was introduced to Japan by Buddhist monks who visited China and brought it back with them.
🌱AIR-TIGHT-SEALED: AIR-TIGHT-SEALED: Plastic-free tin holds 80grams of the culinary grade of matcha green tea powder, everyone can rest assured when pulling the ring-pull; no powder will be spilt out from the container. It contains many antioxidants, including EGCG, and L-theanine, which help to calm the mind and improve memory and concentration. It is a 100% natural healthy drink without sugar vegan friendly.
🌱ESPRESSO OF THE TEA WORLD: Brilliantly coloured and packed with antioxidants, Matcha is being touted as the “espresso of the tea world” for its strong, bold flavours and ability to per you up. Matcha tea has high caffeine levels and is packed with greater health-giving properties than regular green teas.
🌱CULINARY PREMIUM GRADE: Culinary Grade matcha also called confectioner's grade Matcha, is lower grade matcha compared to the ceremonial grade. But still good enough to consume for a daily cuppa and culinary use in macarons, cake and ice cream.
🌱EU-PESTICIDE-FREE: We make sure that our teas come from sustainable and reliable sources. This Match green tea is radiation tested and meet the EU food safety standard. Consume with no worries.

As the whole leaf is consumed, the nutritional benefits of Match are far higher than that of other teas.

100% EU-Standard Pesticide-free GROUND Matcha Green Tea Leaves

High Caffeinated

Whisk up this rich and foamy tea for a quick hit of energy.
You will need
1.½-1tsp Capacitea Matcha tea powder in a mug, or cereal bowl, and add a small amount of hot water. Use a handheld mixer to make a thick paste.
2. Add the remaining water to the mixture and whisk more, until the tea is smooth and frothy.

Dairy-free, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and vegans.