Food to Compliment Your Tea

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Posted on May 01 2023

Food to Compliment Your Tea

Mastering food with tea is an art, important as knowing how to choose the right wine for the perfect meal. Choosing the right tea, can transform your entire meal into a unique culinary experience.

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the fascinating world of tea, and give you a guide on how to pair tea with food. But please be aware that these recommendations are simply guidelines, and that your personal taste still has a strong influence on your final decision.



Since White Tea is very delicate, with a refined flavour, it is important to only be paired with light flavoured foods, like plain vegetable salads with no dressing. If you pair it with strong foods, you will lose the sweetness of the tea, since it will be overwhelmed by the aroma of the dish.

You can have an idea how your White Tea will taste if you pair it with food. For example, with sweet fruit dishes or meat, you will lose all the flavour of the tea, giving the impression that you are drinking plain water. The best choices to complement this tea is a fish recipe, or a cucumber salad or a lightly flavoured seafood, but you should also drink White Tea between meals.



With Green Tea, it is important to keep in mind that this type of tea has three main flavour profiles: vegetal, smoky and fruity. Each one of these accentuate the taste of certain foods. As Green Tea has a delicate vegetative flavour, it will pair nicely with mild flavoured foods as seafood, chicken or fish.

For example, vegetal Green Tea will go well with seafood, since it has a fresh and grassy aroma. On the other hand, smoky teas are stronger and they will match perfectly with a nice dish of pan-fried turkey or chicken, due to its power to cut the greasy mouth-fell or fried meat; but also they can accentuate the taste of potatoes, light stir-fries and vegetable pizza. And last, fruity Green Tea will go nicely with sandwiches, fruit salads, unsweetened pastries or chicken, being also a great choice for a refreshing glass of ice tea.




The most robust flavour tea, Black Tea is indicated to pair with full-flavoured foods, as spicy dishes, meat, but also with pastries. But there are some guidelines that you should considered when pairing Black Tea with food.

Fruity teas will work well with sweet desserts. Smoky teas, which have a very strong aroma, should be combined with flavoured food, for example dark meat, blackened meat or sweet chocolate. Earthy teas will be a good combination with blackened meat, jerk chicken, mashed potatoes or other vegetables gravy recipes.




With a strong, earthy and unique aroma, this type of tea is great with chicken or stir-fry, since they can neutralize the oily and greasy tastes. Pu'erh Tea have digestive benefits being preferred after large meals.

Ready to pair some tea with your next meal? Share your experience with us. 


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