Premium Jasmine Pearl Loose Leaf Tea

Premium Jasmine Pearl Loose Leaf Tea


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Guangxi China
The long lasting scent of fresh jasmine is complemented by a delicate chestnut flavour.
99%Green tea, Jasmine flowers. Imported from China
How To Make
Follow the brewing instrcutions for Jasmine Tea.

Jasmine Tea - the Fragrance of Spring

You'll find yourself enveloped by a bouquet of sweet and fresh spring scents. This enchanting fragrance, which defines good jasmine tea, comes from the almost romantic scenting process: the base tea, usually green, is layered and blended overnight with jasmine flowers to absorb the jasmine scent, before being separated in the morning so that the leaves may dry.

You can smell the atmosphere of spring in Chinese Tea is praised to Jasmine Tea, the treasure of scented teas. This type of tea is made with tea leaves, usually with green tea as tea basement, and fresh jasmine. However, Black tea and White tea can also be used as basement.Evidence shows that the Jasmine plant was introduced in China – from eastern South Africa – during the Han Dynasty (206 BC to 220 AD), used to prepare scent tea in the 15th century.The aroma of this tea is subtly sweet and fragrant.

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