Imperial Pu'erh Loose Leaf Tea

Imperial Pu'erh Loose Leaf Tea


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 Its rich forest foliage scent enhances its full-bodied and well-rounded earthy flavour.
Yunnan China
100% Pu'erh Tea. Imported from China

How To Make 

Pu-erh Tea - Cooked Tea

Pu’erh is the specialty of Yunnan. It is made from the broad leaf variety. While most teas are advised to be consumed immediate to the production date, Pu’erh retains both its flavours and antioxidants with time and thus its age can be beneficial to its flavor like wine. Undergoing a fermentation process where microbes act on the tea leaves over time to cause the leaves to darken and the flavour of Pu’erh to become more smooth. Depending on the conditions and environment of aging, the taste can transform through various stages of being fruity to nutty, grassy, herbal and earthy.