Loose Leaf Chinese Green Tea Flavoured with Jasmine Flowers Catering - 1.0kg

Loose Leaf Chinese Green Tea Flavoured with Jasmine Flowers Catering -


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  • A TRADITIONAL CHINESE SLIMMING TEA: Our teas are sourced directly from tea plantations in China and prepared using traditional methods. Traditional tea-making utilises the terroir of each place (soil, geography, climate, weather, etc) and local tea bush cultivars to show a tea garden’s best flavour advantage. The smooth taste and subtle, floral flavours make this technique and distinctive.
  • THE SIMPLEST WAY TO SERVE PU-ER TEA TO YOUR CUSTOMERS: If you’ve struggled to find loose leaf bulk tea, in an economical pack size, delivered to your door, our tea is the perfect solution. We love to help small caterers by providing high quality loose pu-er tea in bulk. There’s no minimum order quantity, delivery is free and our loose pu-erh tea is outstanding quality.
  • RESTAURANT QUALITY YUNNAN BULK TEA DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR: Our classic pu-erh loose leaf tea is perfect for your restaurant, hotel, cafe or catering business. We’re proud to have have passed EU food safety standards (EU87-2014), to offer you complete peace of mind that you’re purchasing the highest quality, natural Chinese tea your customers will love.
  • NO FLAVOUR ENHANCERS: The delicate earthy aromas and full-bodied flavour in our tea come naturally from within the leaves. No chemicals or enhancers are used. The only ingredients are pu-erh red tea leaves - leaving you with a pure and natural beverage, with all the health benefits of pu-er tea.