WHAT’S NEW IN TEA? A resurgent interest in the drink...

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Posted on May 01 2023

WHAT’S NEW IN TEA? A resurgent interest in the drink...

Specialty teas are taking over more and more shelf space in the supermarkets 

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People may have started drinking tea hundreds of years ago, but a resurgent interest in the drink has led to a thriving new tea scene, which takes the best teas, traditions, and rituals from around the world and makes them part of our everyday lives.

Much Ado About Matcha

matcha tea ceremony loose tea chinese  green tea leaf powder

Matcha is trending among health-conscious tea drinker. This green tea-leaf powder can be consumed in a shot glass for a morning jolt of caffeine and antioxidants, as a creamy latte, mixed with fruits and ready to drink from the chiller cabinet, or in baked goods such as shortbread and macarons.

Tea Mixology

tea and alcohol the art of mixing various drinks and ingredients to create cocktails

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Mixologists have found tea’s rich and refreshing variety of flavours a delectable addition to their stock of ingredients for cocktails. “Teatinis”, martinis made using tea, have arrived at upscale bars, and can be easily prepared at home, too.

Dessert Tea


dessert tea afternoon treat Earl Grey Macarons

Just as mixologists are experimenting with cocktails, tea blenders are innovation with “dessert tea “taking inspiration from the dessert menu and recreating those flavours in delicious tea concoctions made using fruit, chocolate, and spices.


Kombucha, the fizzy and fermented tea with powerful probiotic properties, is popping up in ships, pre-bottled in multiple flavours, and in bars, as a cocktail ingredient, all around the world. Although readily available pre-bottled, it is fun to make at home.

Gourmet Treat

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Gracing the tables of high-end restaurants, tea is fast becoming a popular food ingredient. Why not try tea recipes such as Masala Chai scones, green tea salad dressing, and Lapsang Souchong meat rubs. 

Good Health In a Cup

Tea has long been consumed for its health properties, but the wealth of new research on tea is highlighting more health benefits than the original tea pioneers could ever have imagined. Green tea, with its”health halo”, is now so popular that it is being grown in countries that didn’t traditionally produce it, such as India and Sri Lanka, to keep up with world demand. 


Bubble Tea

bubble tea  cold drink

Colourful and tasty, bubble tea has taken the world by storm since it first appeared in Taiwan in the 1980s. Everything about it, from the oversized straws used to drink the tea to the chewy tapioca boba bursting with flavour, makes it a fun experience.

Best Served Chilled

cold brew extracted infusion tea

Extracting more natural sweetness than hot tea, and with less caffeine, cold infusion, or infusing leaves using cold water, is a growing trend. There is a wide variety of equipment available, from easy-to-use infusers to more elaborate teaware, to help you make and enjoy these chilled teas.

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