Chinese Tea Etiquette

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Posted on May 01 2023

Chinese Tea Etiquette
The tea-making Etiquette
Tea-making is a kind of art, as well as a sort of pleasure. The basic requirements of making tea are said to be clean water, fine tea sets, good tea and proper infusion. Only in this way you can make good tea with fantastic color, taste and smell.

Tea-making Etiquette guide

  • Walk with two hands crossed in the lower abdomen.
  • Stand in the best performing posture, notice the facial expressions and cast the beautiful, sincere eyes to the audience.
  • Sit cross-legged.
  • With knees touching the ground, sit the hip on your legs.
  • Mainly a bow. Bow deeply and slowly to show deep and sincere respect.

The tea-serving Etiquette

The tea-serving include the sequence of tea serving which consists in serving guests first, and then the host. The guest of honor first and then the second main guest. Women first and then the men. The elder first, and then the younger.

The tea-serving comprise as well the way of tea serving. In general, it is the cup body with thumb and index finger of the right hand, wipe the bottom of the cup on the towel, use the left thumb and middle finger to hold both sides of the middle of the cup, put the holder on the tea towel and then present the tea cup with both hands to customers. Offer the tea with the left hand and make the please position with the right hand, saying “Please drink tea”. The guests indicate with the right hand and say “Thank you”.

If there are two or more guests, the tea must be offered in uniform color, and put in the tea tray. Hold the bottom with left hand and the edge with another hand. Serve the tea with the right hand on the guests’ right side. 

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