Director's Original Hand Painted Meal Logging + Recording Day 1

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Posted on March 25 2020

Director's Original Hand Painted Meal Logging + Recording Day 1

PM tells Britons to avoid non-essential travel and contact

Wed, 25 Mar Sunny Day
As the number of Covid-19 continues spreading in the EU, most of the commuters are advised to work from home. Prime Minister addressed to the nation ordering Britons to stay at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. 
This gives us a huge free space and time to think about how we would spend our "holiday" during a 3 weeks lockdown. 


chopping board for duck

2kg British Whole Duck 
2 tbsp Rice Vinegar 
4 tbsp honey 
2 tbsp Shaoxing Wine 
Apple x 2 
Cucumber x 1 
Grapefruit x 1
100g Sweet Bean Paste
1tbsp Sesame Oil 
2-3 tbsp sugar 

Prep:         notebook for cooking

1. Plunge the duck in the boiling water 3 times
2.Brush blended honey & vinegar with 100ml water     over the duck
3. Air dry overnight
4. Put all sliced fruits into the duck belly; Place on 
    the baking tray
5. Pre-heat oven to 180℃; Pour little water into the
    baking tray
6.Roast for 40mins; Reverse duck for another 
  20mins until browning; 7.20mins for the last round
  if needed(I didn’t)
7. Pairing Tea: Capacitea Pu'er tea.
puer tea chinese tea chinese dish peking duck capacitea puerh pu'er tea cup chinese teadip into the sweet bean sauce home madepeking duck display

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  • Judie: March 29, 2020

    Beautiful recipe!

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