Moon Cake Day 2017

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Posted on May 01 2023

Moon Cake Day 2017

rabbit and mooncake

The tradition of family gathering and moon gazing in the evening of Mid-Autumn Festival is associated with the folklore tale of the Chinese moon goddess, Chang'e.Chang'e levitated all the way to the moon when she overdosed on an elixir of life, intended originally for her husband who shot nine extra suns out of the sky with arrows. Her only companions on the lunar surface include a rabbit and a man condemned to Sisyphean tree-cutting.

Today is a big day across much of East Asia. In most Chinese’s memories, on that day, families will reunion for dinner, lanterns will be everywhere, most meaningful will be out for admiring at the full moon while having moon cakes as traditional dessert.

Over hundred thousand years, people always have full expectations of “ Full Moon”, we like reunion(团圆), like to make best wishes. Full moon is a symbol of gentleness and brightness, expressing the beautiful yearnings of the Chinese.

family reunion团圆

Having tea with mooncakes at the same time has been a classic lifestyle for a long time up to now, tea is the best accompaniment for classic mooncake flavours.

Five-kernel mooncake 五仁月饼

five-kernel mooncake

Pair with: Ripe Pu-erh / Chrysanthemum Tea

Almonds, walnuts, dried winter melon, pumpkin seeds, candied orange peel, maltose syrup, with the rich filling in the five-kernel mooncake, the lighter ripe pu-erh tea would be perfect with this particular mooncake due to its digestive properties, low caffeine content and soothing mouthfeel.

Snowskin mooncake 冰皮月饼

snowskin mooncake

Pair with: Breakfast Tea / Floral Tea

The fragrance from its mocha-like tender chewy dough made of roasted rice flour has made this type of mooncake so popular. Dian black tea is from Yunnan, China. The first flush Dian Black tea will help to enhance the subtle taste of the non-baked snow skin mooncakes.

Red bean Mooncake 红豆沙月饼

Red bean mooncake

Pair with: Green Tea

Chinese green tea is highly recommended to pair with red bean mooncake. The freshness of steamed green tea will lift up the subtle nutty flavours in red bean mooncakes with the roasted chestnut scent and a touch of sweetness.

Lotus paste Mooncake 莲蓉月饼

lotus paste mooncake

Pair with: Oolong Tea

The lotus paste mooncake is smooth, light and sweet. Pair it with neutral teas such as semi-fermented oolong tea, Iron budda or raw pu-erh so as to not overpower the palate.

Lotus paste egg yolk Mooncake蛋黄莲蓉

egg yolk mooncake

Pair with: Anhua dark-rose Tea

The lotus paste egg yok mooncake is characterised by its buttery, flaky pastry crust and a lotus paste filling with a salted egg yolk in the middle. Ideal to pair this rich flavour pastry with a full-bodied dark teas such as Anhua dark-rose tea.

Are you tempted by these pretty mooncakes? 

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