Kongfu Tea Master Collection

Kongfu Tea Master Collection


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Set your tea ceremony on Capacitea’s beautifully designed minimalistic bamboo tea tray.Our Kongfu Master Gift Set contains:

Tea Set

1 x Tea pot (400ml)

1 x Serving cup(300ml)

4 x Drinking cup(60ml)

Tea Tray

 Smooth, light and durable, the tray features an elevated edge to facilitate tea brewing and mobility.

Panda Green (50g)

A delicate roasted chestnut scent precedes a light floral taste completed with a touch of sweetness.

Oriole Yellow (50g)

A delicate, warm floral scent with light sweetcorn and malty notes.                      

Moonlight White (50g)

A touch of naturally occurring lily scent complements the developing  chrysanthemum flavour.