Green & Yellow Tea Lover (Teabag)

Green & Yellow Tea Lover (Teabag)


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The ingrediants used in our silken pyramid teabags are the same as our loose teas. The gift set with 3 teaboxes contained 12 teabags plus a capacitea glass mug is the perfect gift for tea lovers at any ages who prefer a simple and convenient way of brewing.

Glass Mug (500ml)

Our carefully  designed  Glass Mug facilitates the perfect modern tea drinking experience. 

Chinese Green Tea (36g)

A delicate roasted chestnut scent precedes a light floral taste completed with a touch of sweetness.

Chinese Yellow Tea (36g)

A delicate, warm floral scent with light sweetcorn and malty notes.                      

Chinese Jasmine Tea (36g)

The long lasting scent of fresh jasmine is complemented by a delicate chestnut flavour.