Premium Amber Vintage Loose Leaf Tea

Premium Amber Vintage Tea


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 The bold sent of smoked oak Preluded nutty flavors with a hint of spice.


Hunan China


100% Dark Tea Imported from China
How To Make

Dark Tea - Frontier Tea

Anhua Dark Tea has a long history and has enjoyed four centuries of renown in China. Its leaves absorb the freshness of the air in hilly Anhua county, and the quality of the tea comes from the abundant sunshine and purity of the morning dew, which nourishes the plants.

With more than 400 years of history, Dark Tea name comes from its unique dark brown colour made by post fermentation. It has a particular characteristic when compared with other types of teas: the longer it stores, the mellower it tastes.It is known in China as “Border-Sale” Tea, since it used to be sold on borders. The name itself comes from the colour of dried tea leaves which is the result from old coarse raw materials, alongside with the long-time stacking fermentation.