Green & Yellow Tea Lover (Loose)

Green & Yellow Tea Lover (Loose)


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Our selected green and yellow teas offer traditional tea lovers to discover the fresh and smooth flavours  of the finest Chinese teas come naturally from within the leaves themselves and are released by traditional methods of preparation. 

Infuser Mug (500ml)

A complimentary design of our glass mug.This product has been designed for mobile use and is suitable for the home and work environment.

Panda Green (50g)

A delicate roasted chestnut scent precedes a light floral taste completed with a touch of sweetness.

Oriole Yellow (50g)

A delicate, warm floral scent with light sweetcorn and malty notes.                      

Jasmine Snowflakes (50g)

The long lasting scent of fresh jasmine is complemented by a delicate chestnut flavour.