Oriole Yellow Loose Leaf Tea

Oriole Yellow-Premium Chinese Yellow Tea


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A delicate, warm floral scent with light sweetcorn and malty notes.
Yunan China
100% Yellow Tea. Imported from China 
How To Make

 Yellow Tea -  “A Golden Treasure”

Yellow tea is a rare type of tea, treasured by those in the know, which is slowly gaining recognition outside China. Yellow tea, yellow in both leaf and the infusion, is produced through a unique and complex traditional method that imbues it with both the savoury notes and lightness of green tea and the mellow substance and maturity of dark tea. The processing is similar to green tea, minimising oxidation, which helps preserve the health benefits associated with green tea, but incorporates a step that can be translated as “sealing yellow”, in which the tea is wrapped in cloth and “smothered”, which rounds out some of the more astringent, vegetal notes that can be found in green tea.