Moonlight White Loose Leaf Tea

Moonlight White Loose Leaf Tea


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A touch of naturally occurring lily scent complements the developing chrysanthemum flavour.
Yunan China
100% Black Tea. Imported from China 
How To Make

White Tea -  “tea for the first year, medicine after three, and a treasure after seven.

Famous for its silver-coloured leaves and the pale liquor of the tea, white tea expresses primarily soft floral flavours, and the most common varietal is named after the peony - China's national flower. White tea is characterised by its minimal processing, but also, perhaps unexpectedly, its ageing potential, and collectors carefully store away discs of vintage white tea, hence the saying “tea for the first year, medicine after three, and a treasure after seven”.

A priceless treasure from Yunnan province, a rare white tea from old-growth, large leaf tea plants growing at high altitude (1600M) in Jingmai mountain and consequently requires longer withering and drying than silver needle or white peony, which gives this particular tea richer in flavor than most white tea. Thelarge leaves, old trees, high altitude and unique processing impart a strong earthy complexity, while still maintaining the delicate celestial nature of other white teas.