Chinese Black Tea x 15 Pyramid teabags

Chinese Black Tea x 15 Pyramid teabags


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 The teas’ fruity, caramel and malty flavors are balanced out with a light tannic finish.
Yunnan China
100% Black Tea. Imported from China 

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Black Tea -  Loved by the world

Black tea originates from the Wuyi Mountain area in Fujian Province. Since its conception in the Ming Dynasty, it has enjoyed great popularity and demand around the world, and today makes up nearly 50 per cent of China's tea exports by volume. Originating from lapsang souchong in the Ming Dynasty, black tea has developed into a rich family of different teas over the years from its distinctive smokey ancestor, encompassing fruity, caramel, and malty flavours.

It used to be known as red tea – since the dry tea and tea soup are both primarily red – however red tea was already famous as “Wu Cha” when it was created, so this type of tea was entitled Black Tea in English.There are different types of Black Tea, and usually, they are brisk, malty, full-bodied, and bracing, due to the rich flavours that they developed during the oxidation process. Typically, Black Tea is more oxidised than other types of tea, as well as more strong in flavour and caffeine.

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