Hello, 2021 | Stay Positive Through the Winter, teas are stand by!

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Posted on January 06 2021

Hello, 2021 | Stay Positive Through the Winter, teas are stand by!

Now that 2020 is behind us, we hope that your 2021 is off to a positive start. Although we must sadly continue to follow restricted social distance and stay part for now under the latest announcement of a third national lockdown, we’re optimistic that this year will bring better days.

The new year is always about excitement having goals and plans filled in a fresh diary or notebook. At Capacitea, this year we want to be more present, practical and stay tuned. The plan for January at Capacitea starts with a Tea Blog. 

Here is a quick overview of 6 Magic Ingredients in the tea plant and the benefits of each.

01. LPS-To reduce radiation

Tea contains lipopolysaccharides (LPS). If there is LPS in body, it will produce non-specific immunity to protect the hematopoietic function, and also can prevent cancer and reduce the radiation on the human body.

02. Polyphenols -To improve longevity

Polyphenols and their derivatives in tea contain rich antioxidant properties, good for longevity, etc., and also can improve the body’s immune system, and inhibit the induction of cancer because of chemical carcinogens.

03. Caffeine-To keep the mind fresh

The caffeine level is between 2-5% in tea. Caffeine can stimulate the body, keep mind clear analytical; it can also help digestion and relieve fatigue. 

04. Vitamins- Beauty

Tea is rich in vitamin B and C, which has a good effect on beauty and also can boost the body’s metabolism.

05. Flavonoid- To reduce body fat

Tea contains flavonoid, aromatic substances, alkaloids and other ingredients that can lower cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, but also reduce the lipid concentrations, which has a strong lipolysis effect.

06. Fluoride- To protect teeth

Rich fluoride found in the tea kills bacteria found in the mouth, which improves your breath, helping prevent cavities and gum disease, and reducing chances of inflammation.

Notably: Drink tea is excellent for rehydrating your body post-work and hops to boost your metabolism.

No one is easy in the past year, we learnt to face difficulties, to embrace the challenges, we steered the wheel to survive and stay safe.  

In the work-from-home world, we are continuing to appreciate life day by day and drinking plenty of tea along the way. There is always time to take a deep breath and let out all the stress.  

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